The work of collage artist HARRY ERIKSEN (b. Argyle, NY, 1955; d. New York, NY, 2018) is composed entirely of found photographs hand-cut into perfect 1⁄2- to 1-inch squares, meticulously arranged on paperboard.  While some works stand alone, some comprise multi-part series containing thousands of squares. All are comprised of fragments of discarded photographs-- leftovers gifted by friends or unclaimed duplicates scavenged from the giant bins at photo developers.

The works are meditations on dynamic patterns in nature and are frequently dedicated to loved ones and beloved places. The collages compose new order from a dizzying array of personal signifiers, resulting in a series of systems which foreground the abstract beauty of color, balance and symmetry.

Over a period of twenty-five years, Eriksen created hundreds of photo-collage and assemblage works on paper, infrequently sharing his work. He eventually amassed an expansive oeuvre of works all of which, until his death, remained in large part unseen and unrecognized.